ARTISTIC VISION The ancient traditions tell of a people who lived with the environment, in the spirit of who we were created to be. Our sculptures renew the human spirit and awaken our relationship with the world around us. Each sculpture evokes the timeless traditions and folklore of our ancestors. These creations embody the lives and spirit of the ancients and represent the dwelling of the Earth Spirit in all of us. One of our unexpected joys has been the opportunity to interact directly with our clients and invite them to ba a part of the creative process in developing their environment.

It was a full moon on the night when KELLY GLENN and SANDRA KNOX met on Cinco de Mayo, 1990, in Tucson, Az the setting was a party in a mesquite grove put on by two sisters, each a friend to Kelly and Sandra. Kelly had recently relocated in tucson from Pennsylvania and Sandra came from an old Tucson family. She was a spunky western woman, he was adventurous and charismatic. On that fateful night a union began that would transform both of their lives and the lives of their children. A journey of love, adventure, healing, and transmutation into the LIGHT. Their meeting was filled with a magic that has endured 20 years. Sandra had always said she wanted to be on an adventure; well, her feet haven’t touched the ground yet.

What started as a entrepreneurial adventure of selling a truckload of pottery in Florida, transitioned into a quaint Southwestern gallery, Arizona Earthworks Trading Post, located in Plaza Antigua, near River Rd. And Campbell Ave. In Tucson, Az. From 1993 to 2000. Sandra and Kelly cultured relationships with local artists and Native American artists to create a unique environment of eclectic art that became an instant stopping place for locals, art enthusiasts and winter visitors looking for a touch of the “old Tucson” Southwest and Native American art.

Then came a serendipitous meeting with a sculptor, John Lawrence, who suggested they could create a series of simple sculptures to add to their inventory and had a process that would include water features. The first sculptures were modest designs, but soon the creative and energetic juices started to flow and ebb into unique and meaningful designs including storytellers, mystics and healing spirits.

In eighteen years, their work has come to grace and enrich the homes and workplaces of hundreds of people from California to the tip of Long Island, from Montreal to Florida. Their Tucson commercial environments include Canyon Ranch, Plaza Palomino, P F Chang’s, St. Phillips Plaza, Mt.Cove Estates. Another outdoor sculpture garden graces the grounds of the Los Abrigados Resort in Sedona, Az where thousands of people can interact with their sculptures every year.

Other significant installations include a two year project designing and implementing the entire artscaping of the Hidden Falls Wellness Center in Detroit Mi., where they took seven truckloads of boulders from Sedona and Flagstaff, Az to build incredible waterfalls.

By far though, their most significant work has been done at Canyon Ranch in Tucson, AZ. Over eighteen years they have touched the grounds in a way that has transformed Canyon Ranch environment into a spiritual, holistic, serene place of healing and wellness. Besides the sculptures that dwell in the desert surroundings, they also did the center courtyard at the Life Enhancement Center. Their most significant body of art is the Aquatic/Watsu Center. It is a temple dedicated to connecting the mind, body, and spirit.

Jon Wener, a prominent Canadian developer commissioned them to design and install a series of sculptures for his summer home in Ste. Anne-des-lacs, Quebec, as well as for his commercial buildings. Celebrities Marlo Thomas and Phil Donahue commissioned Sandra and Kelly to design a personal retreat for their home in Westport, Conn.

One of their installations is at a private residence at Canyon Ranch in Tucson for John and Regina Scully. The courtyard exemplifies the dramatic change artscaping can achieve. It is a sanctuary, a secret garden, a retreat, a place to dwell in peaceful contemplation.

In the fall of 2009, there was collaboration with John Zivnuska and Carole Kelly that represents a dramatic and magical installation combining Sculpture, Murals and Landscape Design that is transformational. This serendipitous meeting has developed into one of their most gratifying experiences.

Their most recent work on location was at CHATEAU ELAN in Braselton, Ga. for Vickie Sclafani, where they transformed an aristocratic environment into a spiritual, spatial, inviting sanctuary that draws the elements of spirit sculptures, hummingbirds and butterflies together with the aromas of gardenias, jasmines and sages..

Their extraordinary portfolio evidences that art can transform everyday living spaces from transient, impersonal areas, into graceful, holistic, and inviting spaces. Their art will warm your heart, fill your soul, and create a place to find the quiet within, a place to experience a connection with life and the serenity of a single moment. Each picture in these pages represents an mosaic of stories that makes a delightful journey magical and soulful.

KELLY GLENN came from artistic creative parents and developed his gift from his observance of his grand-Mother, her strength of character and gentle spirit. She is his inspiration to create the deeply loving women who captivate the child in all of us. His graceful depiction of the grandmother essence touches the spirit and evokes a deep connection to the spirit of mankind and our ancestor.

SANDRA KNOX chose to interpret her life experiences through her art, combining her knowledge about healing arts, mysticism, spatial harmony, botanicals, indigenous cultures and art, truly living in the marrow. Her journey aspires to illustrate the spiritual and holistic connection to our environment.

        Artists Sandra Knox and Kelly Glenn